For a specific price quote, please send us a message through the contact page so that we
chat about the details of your event!

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Each cake that we craft incorporates many different elements that contribute to the overall cost. The number of servings, the complexity of the design, what flavors the clients prefer, as well as other factors like delivery all effect the price. Sometimes a smaller cake may take longer to create than a larger one, and therefore, it will cost more. Pricing for cakes begins at $8 per person. The smallest cake size available serves 10 guests.

To request an estimate, please reach out to me through the contact page.

All of our cakes are priced per serving. That means that however many people are showing up to your event, is how we choose the right size cake and the right starting price. Our goal is to be as transparent with my clients as possible. We never want you to feel saddled with hidden fees or tricked into purchasing a larger cake than you need or want.  


Here is an example of how our cakes are priced:

Let’s say we’re throwing a party for 100 of our closest friends. We are ordering a tiered cake in a basic flavor with a moderately complex design. We will also need it delivered and set up at my venue that is 20 miles away. 

(100 Servings) x  ($8 Per Serving) – $800

Design – $75

Delivery + Set Up – $100

Subtotal – $975

Tax – $65.82

Total – $1,040.82

There’s a lot that goes into making wedding cakes and large, tiered cakes. While we work efficiently to ensure that you receive the freshest cake possible, it does take time! We use high quality ingredients: not boxed cake mixes and grocery store frosting. (We also source our ingredients locally when we can!)

If you’ve booked a cake with us and have a question about the cost, please reach out! We’d love to talk you through it! If you’re considering booking a cake with us and aren’t sure if your budget is going to work, let’s chat! There are cake options for events of all shapes and sizes and we’ll do our very best to work with your event budget!

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