Would you like to try the best cake you’ll ever have? Let’s meet! Please fill out the form below. We will do our best to respond promptly to confirm the details and schedule a time to meet you!

Please note: while we make cakes for events of all shapes and sizes, cake tastings are reserved for cakes of 90 servings or more!

Booking 2022 Events Beginning June 1st

Please select one of the meeting options below!

Check out our flavor list + descriptions HERE!

Don’t see what you’re looking for?
Let us assist you in crafting your perfect, custom cake flavor!

Please note: there is no right or wrong budget. Weddings and events come in all shapes and sizes! Disclosing your budget allows us to plan and design your cake efficiently! Pricing starts at $7 per guest. For more information on pricing, please visit the Pricing Page!

What to Expect


We excited to proceed with in-person cake tastings with a few additional measures to do our best to protect everyone’s health and safety.

After submitting the cake tasting and consultation request form, we will communicate with you via email to nail down your design, send you a price quote, and talk about all the little details that will make your big day special!

Once we have those details finalized, we will set a date to either meet in person for a short cake tasting or for a contact-free tasting box delivery. One of our team members will drop a custom curated box of five cake samples on your doorstep!

  • CAKE TASTING ATTENDANCE LIMIT | While we love meeting your moms, bridal parties, and friends, we are asking our clients to limit cake tasting attendees to just the happy couple! Don’t worry – we’ll bring along some extra goodies for you to take back to your event planning squad! 
  • CAKE TASTING LOCATIONS | It is my pleasure to treat you to coffee at your favorite coffee shop or cafe while we have your cake tasting. With many establishments remaining closed due to government restrictions, we will do our best to find a coffee shop with outdoor seating or open interior seating. We love our local restaurant family and can’t wait to support them in this way. Additionally, I am more than happy to bring the cake and coffee to you if you are most comfortable meeting from the safety and comfort of your home. 
  • NO-CONTACT CAKE TASTINGS | Health and safety is our number one goal. If you are most comfortable with a no-contact cake tasting, we are still more than happy to provide that service at this time! In short: we will deliver a cake tasting box to your doorstep and then have a video chat with you to discuss your final event details while you make your cake or dessert selections!
  • CAKE TASTING FEE | As always, our cake tastings are 100% FREE! 

If you have any questions about the cake tasting process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! 



Cake tastings are the sweetest part of event planning! (I mean, looking at table linens and picking out a china pattern is great and all, but…. CAKE!)

Because our clients are all over the map, we’ll pick a place that is convenient to YOU and set a date and time to meet. We’ll grab a cup of coffee (or sweet tea for me) and get down to business.

You and your fiance or event planning squad will start by tasting the five flavors you’ve picked out. You’ll probably debate which flavors you like the best and which ones were just so-so. It’s OKAY to not like every flavor! Everyone has different tastes!

After you’re done tasting, we’ll talk about design. That’s where your guest count (size), overall style (tier design), and special details (topper, flowers, etc.) come into play! Once we have a design that you love, we will give you a price quote and we’ll go over day-of logistics – such as delivery time and set-up, and review the service agreement.

It is our goal to never pressure clients into booking on the spot. The purpose of meeting for a consultation is to educate you on everything we can offer for your big day! It’s great if you love the flavors and design and feel comfortable with the price. That’s the goal! If you’re not so sure, we encourage you to go home and discuss everything that we talk about with your fiance or event team. If you don’t want to book your cake until you’ve had multiple consultations that is perfectly okay! We are more than happy to communicate with you after a consultation to answer any follow up questions or make any alterations to the cake design.

We can’t wait to meet you!

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