Favorite Vanilla Buttercream

Disclaimer: This is a CRAZY GOOD and CRAZY EASY buttercream recipe! Second Disclaimer: it’s NOT the buttercream that I use on cakes that are ordered from me! (THAT recipe will go to my grave with me!) Happy buttercream making!

Ingredients |

·½ cup of Crisco shortening

·1 stick of unsalted butter

·1 stick of salted butter (melted)

·2 lbs. of confectioner’s sugar

·2 tablespoons of vanilla extract

·1/3 cup of half and half

Instructions |

·In a mixing bowl, cream together the Crisco and unsalted butter on high until light and fluffy.

·Add the powdered sugar and half and half – alternating adding each in small increments. Once they are all added, cream on high.

·Add the vanilla extract and melted butter and mix on low until combined.

·Scrape down the sides and bottom of the bowl and cream on high until light and fluffy.

·Frost your cake layers while the buttercream is freshly whipped. Store extra buttercream in the refrigerator. Allow the buttercream to come back to room temperature and mix on low before using again!

Want buttercream that’s not vanilla? Add your favorite nut butter, chocolate ganache, jam, jelly, oils or extracts! Sky’s the limit!

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